Canvas Tarpaulins

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Al-Farooq Enterprises has been manufacturing Tarpaulins since 1972, so are well experienced in the art!

Tarpaulins are available in following types:

  • Cotton Canvas: a. Chemically water-proof, b. Wax coated water-proof.

  • Polyester Cotton Chemically water-poof.

  • HDPE Tarpaulins.

Canvas Tarpaulins are available in the range of 12oz - 20oz water-proof canvas cloth. 

Standard nominal sizes available are: 
12' x 9'; 15' x 12'; 18' x 12', 21' x 15', 24' x 18', 27' x 18', 27 x 24' and 33 x 27' 

Cotton canvas tarpaulins are made in all standard sizes complete with brass / aluminum eyelets, strengthening patches, hems and ropes. These can also be manufactured to special sizes as per customer specifications.


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